Ultimate Source To Learn How To Take A Screenshot

Taking Screenshots  is necessary in many occasions where you would like to share a screenshot of your site for design changes to trouble shooting your pc errors.But Taking a screenshot differs from device to device and sometimes it can be bit confusing. So we have made this ultimate guide to learn how to take a screenshot / print screen on your devices.

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How do i take a screenshot in Windows ?

Follow these simple steps to take print screens

1. Find Prt sc / Sys Rq Key in your keyboard.

2. To Capture Screen Image ,press the Print Screen (Prt Sc) button once, your screen will be captured and stored in clipboard.

3. Now open any image editing application in windows like Microsoft Paint And then press Ctrl + V button to paste the taken Screen Image on Paint and then save it by pressing Ctrl + S button

Other tutorials on Windows :

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How to take A Screenshot On Windows Laptop ?

Follow the same procedure above to take Screenshot On Windows Based Laptops / Windows PC

How to take a screenshot of only a single window ?

Hold Down Alt Button and then press Prtscn button- This will take a screenshot of only the current window and saves it in clipboard.

This procedure can be followed to take a screenshots in windows 8, windows 7 , Windows Vista and windows Xp

Taking screenshot on Mac OS X :

Latest OS release : Mavericks

How do i take a screenshot ?

Press and hold down the command Key (1)command macand Shift Button (2)shift key and

press the 3 Button (3)3 key as shown in the picture .This takes a screen shot of the entire page and saves the file on the desktop named like Screen shot date at Time .png

How to Take a Screenshot in Mac

On Linux :

In linux based system we can take a screenshot easily with the following steps

1.Locate and press the printscreen key (Prt Sc) On your keyboard.This will take a screenshot of the entire screen.This works on most of the linux desktops.

2.A window will open asking where to save it.Choose the folder where you wanted and save it

On Iphone, Ipad, Ipod ( IOS devices ) :

For all these IOS devices ,press the Home Button and the power/sleep button to take a screenshot of the entire screen and to save it in photos section.

Taking Screenshot On Android :

For android devices , the procedure for taking screenshot varies with devices.

Read this complete guide on How to take a screeenshot on Android

Other android devices

1. Xperia S, SL, SP, Xperia Z, ZL

2. Moto X

3. Htc One X

4. Galaxy Grand 2

5. Galaxy S3 mini

6. Samsung Galaxy S5

7. Samsung Galaxy S4


For GNOME , press window (Meta) Key and then type in Screenshot and Press Enter key.

A Take screenshot program will open with various options.

On Websites :

How do I take a screen shot of a web page or website ?

You can take Website Screen Shot using browser screen capture addons such as

Chrome , Firefox , Safari : Awesome Screenshot extensions for chrome can be used to easily capture entire web pages , selected area easily with a few clicks.

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