Microsoft Surface Pro , Pro 2

Let’s go through a step by step procedure on how to take screenshots on Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets.This tablet runs windows 8 pro os which support all desktop applications as well.Follow the step by step procedure below to take your screenshot in surface pro tablet.

This also works on the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 2

How To Take a screenshot on Microsoft Surface Pro , Surface Pro 2 :

1. Boot up your device and navigate to the application or screen which you want to screenshot .

2. Then when you are ready press and hold the home button  and press the volume button.

 ( Taking screenshot with microsoft surface pro is like an jellybean android phones which also follow the same procedure with power button)

3. When screenshot is taken your screen will become dim for a second.

4. It will be automatically saved in your screenshots photo album in the photos application.

The same procedure applies for windows pro tablet, windows surface RT tablets too.

Also learn how to take a screenshot on windows 8 , 8.1 blue

For more information and easy learning , watch the video below

Hope this article was helpful.We post the best tutorials for taking screenshot on android , windows , Mac devices too.Check out our other articles.

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Microsoft Surface Pro , Pro 2
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