Nokia Lumia 900

How To Take A Screenshot / Screen Capture on Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 Screenshot


Small tutorial on How to Take a Screenshot in Nokia Lumia 900 :

1. Press  the START and POWER buttons at the same time and hold it to capture the current screen you are on.

2.The screenshot taken will be saved in the Screenshots Album in Photos >> Albums >> Screenshots.

This method also works for Nokia Lumia 720 , Lumia 525 , Nokia Lumia 520

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  • lanz

    for me its not working to my nokia lumia 900 what shoul i do?

    pls i really need ur help


    • admin

      Try pressing power and start button and hold them for sometime

  • Patti Rogers

    when I try pressing the power and start button it go to “speak” and the screen tries to close like when you are turning off the phone. What am I doing wrong?> I have the Lumia 900

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