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Asoko Insight

Asoko Insight is a “Corporate Map of Africa,” which is a database of Africa’s top private companies for global users to access and research for trade and investment purposes.



IFG is an early as-they-need-it payment services provider for businesses. IFG offers a wide spectrum of services that include Digital Supply Chain Finance, Invoice Finance Service, Construction Invoice Finance, and easy to use money-on-demand service that follows a convenient “Button-Money” model. Our team was hired to develop the UI/UX modules of the IFG’s core services, which would grant smooth customer experience and would follow the company’s strict brand standards. In addition, we had to customize some interfaces to suit the needs of IFG clients,



JAJA is a banking app that reimagines the world of credit by providing customers with a digital-first credit card. The application grants simple and straightforward yet secure credit management system devoid of bureaucratic hustle.



SFLend is a smart P2P investment platform, which allows a user to invest in loans and automatically receive interest rates as well as withdraw one’s capital at any given time.

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Tradeshift is the ultimate platform for modern businesses looking to transform and enhance their procurement, invoicing, payment, and supply chain management. With its diverse range of cloud-based solutions, Tradeshift enables businesses to customize the platform to meet their specific needs rather than being limited by a one-size-fits-all solution. The comprehensive suite of handy tools, coupled with remarkable flexibility baked into the platform, gives businesses the agility they need to stay ahead in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

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White-Label Neobank Decta is a white-label neobank solution designed to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with a unique, comprehensive, self-service platform. The application provides a simple and convenient, while also secure financial management system free from bureaucratic complications. As a white-label solution, Decta empowers other companies to jumpstart their own branded applications using its powerful pre-built features.



Diaspora is a mobile banking app designed for the United Bank of Africa that brings the convenience of banking to the fingertips of its customers. The app offers seamless, secure, and fast money transfers between UBA accounts and international bank accounts. Besides complex and reliable architecture, Diaspora can boast an intuitive interface that allows users to effortlessly navigate the world of finance through the screen of their devices.

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Finvoice provides a sleek, efficient, and comprehensive financial service. Enhance your business's financial operations with our robust platform, designed to streamline lending processes and empower small businesses with the tools they need for growth

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Payabl is a comprehensive ecosystem of payment products designed to turbocharge merchants with an efficient and secure payment processing solution that enhances their cash flow management, simplifies financial operations, and boosts their overall business performance. We are developing a core banking application that empowers businesses through secure and reliable financial services all in one place. The application is designed to meet the highest standards of compliance and risk management, protecting customers' financial data and transactions.

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HyperJar is a smart fintech app that offers a unique financial management experience by providing a user with a network of mini-accounts, 'jars'. Each virtual jar is tailored to the user's financial purposes and connected to the same smart payment card for convenience. Being secure and intuitive, the system not only helps users stay on top of their finances and balance them wisely but also empowers them to invest funds and earn interest rates from a variety of merchants available in the app. Not to mention there are discounts, rewards, cashback, and other special offers to derive benefit from.