Blackberry playbook

Learn to take a screenshot on a blackberry playbook with this step by step  tutorial.
Blackberry playbook makes it easy to take a screen shot on what your device is displaying easily with the use of a few buttons.Follow the below steps.

1. When you are ready press both the up and down volume buttons at the same time.

take screenshot blackberry playbook

2. Your snap shot ( Screenshot ) will be taken and it will be automatically saved in your Pictures folder in your device.


Taking screenshot will be helpful for many developers and designers while debugging or publishing their apps. Blackberry has made it easy to now, but this screenshot feature have been available from the early days when Apple iphone was launched. Blackberry was a little late to this, but it has made it easier than other android devices.

You can also see the video for easily understanding how this works.

Lean to Take a screenshot on blackberry . Did you successfully take your screenshot on your blackberry playbook tablet.If you had any problem, let us know in comments.We will be glad to help you.


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